The cultural forum "DonСult" in Kyiv
Visual program

Kyiv | 28.10.2014-11.11.2014

From the very first DonCult, it happened so that the main exhibition sets the general tone and builds the central narrative of the whole forum. So below is the full text of the curatorial narrative, which demonstrates the key lines of the forum.

Curators Oksana Barshynova and Dmytro Golets worked on the first exhibition, they are still part of our team and supervise all the central exhibitions – in cooperation with the curators of the cities that represent themselves.

The exposition of the central DonCult  exhibition consisted of about 200 works of painting, graphics and sculptures by artists from Donbass or reflecting it in their work. 

Works were provided by: National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art, National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Directorate of Art Exhibitions of Ukraine, National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema of Ukraine, Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art, private galleries and collections – "Dukat", "I am a gallery", the Bereznytskys’ private collection, other private collectors and personal artists. Photo, audio and video displays used in the exhibition came from the G. Pshenichny Central State Film and Photo Archive of Ukraine, as well as provided by the authors themselves like Oleksandr Kurmaz , Viktor Marushchenko, Arsen Savadov, Alexei Salmanov and others.

The program presented works by Mykola Kasatkin, Petro Konchalovsky, Fedor Krychevsky, Mykhailo Tkachenko, Serhiy Hryhoriev, Anatoliy Lymarev, Serhiy Adamovych, Volodymyr Khorenko, Moisey Volshtein, Halyna Zorya, Viktor Ihumentsev, Serhiy Parajanov, Petro Antyp, Viacheslav Hutyria, Serhiy Barannyk, Mykhailo Haplevsky, Roman Minin and many others.



  • Dmytro Golets (Kyiv)

    Dmytro Golets (Kyiv)

    Art critic, expert of the Korners Auction House. Curator of the exhibition "Mykhailo Tkachenko. 150 years since his birth" and the author and compiler of the monograph "Mykhailo Stepanovych Tkachenko 1860 - 1916" (Kyiv, 2010). Co-curator of two exhibitions "Russian and Ukrainian art from private collections" (Kyiv Art Gallery National Museum, 2003, 2004) and the exhibition "Serhiy Shyshko" (Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine Museum, Kyiv, 2006)

  • Oksana Barshynova (Kyiv)

    Oksana Barshynova (Kyiv)

    Art critic, curator, Deputy Director for Exposition and Exhibition of the National Art Museum of Ukraine. She studies and promotes Ukrainian art of the last quarter of the XX – beginning of the XXI centuries. Author of articles on the history of art of the twentieth century and contemporary art.

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