The cultural forum "DonСult" in Kyiv
Children's Program

Kyiv | 28.10.2014-11.11.2014

The children's program of the DonCult forum was one of the most important. The children, who were forced to move with their parents from the occupied territories, felt confused in the new place, and their peers knew very little about where they came from. Therefore, the children's program was an attempt to create a playground where children could get to know each other better. And also –to distract from the traumatic experience of war and escape from it at least for a while.

One of the most interesting events is 12 master classes, where children made the heroes of the Donbas epic of different materials: Shubin and the Blue Hare. These are such important fictional creatures for mining mythology. The blue hare warns of methane leaks, and Shubin, according to some versions, helps the hardworking and punishes the lazy, according to others – just tests everyone's nerves. Working with myths helped a lot to get to know each other better. At the master classes children with brushes in their hands explored the work of artists like Petro Konchalovsky and Arkhyp Kuindzhi. The Master Class House of Education and Culture helped us to implement this.

Children's puppet theatre has always been popular in Donetsk. So we were happy to show puppet shows for children "Mr. Kotsky" from the Donbas Puppet Theatre “Vostorg” – another team that was forced to start a new life in a new place because of the war.

And the Kyiv Municipal Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre for Children and Youth restored Serhiy Prokofiev's dynamic and ironic ballet "Petryk and the Wolf" – by the way, children's ballet performances were also popular in Donetsk and Luhansk. We gave 150 tickets to the show to internally displaced children from Donbas.