The cultural forum "DonСult" in Kyiv
Music program

Kyiv | 28.10.2014-11.11.2014

In the music program, the first voice was given to musicians who were forced to leave the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and look for a new refuge in Kyiv and other cities. Among them are teachers of the Shevchenko Institute of Culture and Arts of Luhansk and the People's Theatre "Dyvyna" (originated from the Donetsk National University), which then had the opportunity to reunite and now still successfully exists – it is highly recommended!

It was important for us to show Donbas as a multinational territory. Therefore, we invited artists from different ethnic communities. In particular, the band of the Greek community of Ukraine "Zorbas" with the participation of the popular singer Illaria – they maintain strong relations with the Greeks of Donetsk region and sang songs of the Greeks from Azov region. 

Works by composers and singers from Donbass were also performed by Kyiv musicians, paying tribute to such authors as Serhiy Prokofiev, Ivan Karabyts, Anatoliy Solovyanenko and others. Among the contemporary composers whose works we introduced to the public (performed by the Sed Contra Ensemble) are Serhiy Vilka, Artem Nyzhnyk, Yevhen Petrychenko, and Oleksiy Fomin.

The musical and performative part consisted of various artistic reflections on Donbas in the Russian-Ukrainian war. Among the most interesting experiences was the audio-visual performance “pOST bLOCK. Point of the East" (Diana Aishe – director; Maxim Kolomiets – music director, composer; creative workshop Aparté Luna Ensemble – music);

teaser of Vlad Troitsky's new opera "Coriolanus" (premiere took place at the second DonCult in Lviv); sound performance from the Supremus experimental music project; an audio-visual performance about wars as such "100 years after the war", with the participation of two Violins group, who were then only 12 years old; mystery drama "Transforma" and others.  

Finally, the concert of the ensemble "Yednist" – a group composed of musicians from different regions of Ukraine – had a symbolic meaning.


  • Lyubov Morozova

    Lyubov Morozova

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