Her (ex)position

Київ | 01.06.2020-01.06.2021

Art Project by photographer Oleksandra Pavlovska and curator Lyudmila Nychay

November 10 - December 10, 2020


Lyusya Nychay and Oleksandra Pavlovska have been working together since 2010. Previously, it was a tandem within the joint Gallery "Art Space 365", then the cooperation was extended within the special programs of Nazariy Voitovych Art Residency".

Olexandra PavlovskaI work with photos as a tool to explore my own psychological states. Each project is a search for answers to our own fears. The main theme of my research is fear of loneliness, loneliness in a crowd, loneliness in a relationship,in the family, in one's own body. The world has degenerated because of the instruments of communications, which lead to the disappearance of sincerity and empathy, as people spend less and less time for the exchange of energies, but more and more – for messages. My projects are visual aids on the overcoming the fear of loneliness in the modern digital world


2003 Ternopil National Pedagogical University, specialty of Art teacher

2013, 2017, 2018 - Victor Marushchenko School of Photography, Kyiv

2018 - Image Threads Collective Photobook Course


2006-present - partner, art director of LOGOGO studio, Kyiv.

2010-2013 - curator and partner of the Art Space Gallery, Kyiv.

Professional communities

2015-present - member of the 5.6 photo club, Kyiv.

The project was created during the NVAIR 2019 exchange residency program. This story manifested itself after two-months’ conversation between Lera and Olexandra (part of the team) and establishing contacts with participants of 2 residency programs, after achieving a deep awareness of peace and security within the temporary art community. It was a great challenge to get a haircut in a small village, but even here a miracle happened, people were ready to perceive strange artists and accepted everything without pretensions, although this feature among the local community developed only after 3 years of residencies. The author of the project had a conflict with a native woman a year before. Although the main critics are the closest people using the voice of social media.

We often try to arrange our little comfortable world to avoid another one, and should beware not to notice somebody else’s boundaries.

"What did you do to yourself?", "Have you gone crazy?" "You need a man, not to engage in bullshit", "you will bring me to a heart attack", "no one loves bald people", or my favorite: "put a cow shit on your head..." And this happens after your colleague /friend/sister/daughter sent you a photo to show her transformation, renewal, reboot and fulfilled dream to which she went for so long only because she knew that there will be no support, but fur sure will be condemnation, criticism and stupid comments. And no one asked about the most important thing: "Lera, what do you feel?"
That's what I'm talking about. About the emotional. About the silent. During Lera's transformation, I watched her inner state, her mood. We talked a lot, she shared her impressions. And you would see her eyes burning. What a charming and enchanting smile shone on her face when she saw her reflection. She fell in love with herself. Maybe again, maybe for the first time. And cutting her hair is cutting off memories that have no place in her new life. Cut off and burned them. This is what we all do with trash that prevents us from moving on. Everyone chooses his own method of dealing with painful memories. Someone finds rescue in alcohol, someone turns to hysteria, someone is rude to strangers, someone quietly chews it over and over again, cries, and someone cuts off the memories that can be saved in hair.

Girls may have many reasons for a short hairstyle. Starting from the disease and ending with transformation. But all these reasons are about life. About the perception of yourself as Real. Free. Alive.





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