Her (ex)position

Київ | 01.06.2020-01.06.2021

Her (ex)position

Dofa Fund project with the assistance of the Korners Auction House, and with the support of Ukarainian Cultural Foundation.

The project aims to support women who are beginning their journey in arts.

The challenges of 2020 – quarantine restrictions and lockdowns – have brought up the issues that artists face when they choose art as a professional path.

  • Do the closest people and others around take my artistic career seriously?
  • Is it better to work at a "normal" job with a fixed salary and social guarantees, and stay with creativity as a hobby?
  • Will I be able to feed myself and my family? Who should take care of my children when I have immerse myself in creative work?
  • How will the art community meet me? Creative groups? Professional associations?
  • Who is my viewer? My audience?
  • How to become "visible"? How to get feedback from critics, collectors, curators?
  • How to organize the first personal exhibition, if your CV is almost empty, or there are few lines about participation in group projects?
  • How to actually write the CV correctly, to prepare a portfolio, to create explications?

We would like to help artists find the answers to these and other questions, support their conscious choice, and become a platform for the first personal presentation. And we also strive to provide tools that will help further collaborations and communications; provide experience of exhibition preparation, expert consultations, and tolerant target audience.

We are doing an exhibition together!

  1. We offer women artists and curators the opportunity to organize an exhibition at the Korners Gallery at: Kudryavska Street 8a.
  2. We offer:
    - our hospitality, comfort and professional support, our walls, professional lighting, gallery suspension system, 2 monitors for video demonstration, system for presentations (video projector, screen, speaker system, microphones);
    - information support – daily posts on Facebook: Korners page with 2.5 thousand subscribers (most of them are auction participants), Dofa Fund page – 3.9 thousand subscribers, Her (ex)position – 675 subscribers.- Korners Instagram page
    - distribution of press releases to specialized mass media and the public.
  3. A cooperation agreement will be signed with each author, taking into account individual wishes and the law "On Copyright and Related Rights".
  4. Artists can set prices for their work that they consider fair, and work with us to research the market, listen to comments and suggestions. However, the sale is possible only upon the decision of the author.
  5. You can invite your friends and guests to the Korners Gallery, and your clients, of course, but you should follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.
  6. The participation of tandems – artist and curator – is highly welcomed.
  7. We plan the following work schedule: the first week of the month is for preparation for the exhibition, the next 3 weeks are dedicated to the exhibition.
  8. If the work is sold from the exhibition, or within a month after it, we expect a charitable 10% contribution to the Dofa Fund account.
  9. At the end of the exhibition we would be grateful for one work of art left as a gift, it will remain in the Dofa Fund collection and will be exhibited at the final exhibition at the end of the project. Donated works will not be sold for 3 years without author’s consent.

To offer an exhibition, you should send a portfolio, brief information about the author (and curator) and a brief description of the idea.

Selection and negotiations take place by the 20th day of each month. After the 20th day of each month, the next exhibition is announced.

Our experts:

Dmytro Golets  is an art critic, an expert at the Korners Auction House. Co-curator of two exhibitions "Russian and Ukrainian art from private collections" (National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery", 2003, 2004) and "Serhiy Shyshko" exhibition (Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine Museum, Kyiv, 2006). Curator of visual programs of DonCult (2014, 2015), GaliciaCult (2016) and SlobodaCult (2018) forums.

Oksana Barshynova іs an art critic, curator, Deputy Director for exposition and exhibition works of the National Art Museum of Ukraine. She studies and promotes Ukrainian art of the second half of the XX - early XXI centuries. Author of articles on history of art of the twentieth century and contemporary art. Curator of visual programs of DonCult (2014, 2015) GaliciaCult (2016) and SlobodaCult (2018) forums.

Olexandra Tryanova іs an curator, researcher, founder of the Kunsthalle Lustdorf Residency (Odesa). She began her independent practice in her hometown and later joined the team of the 5th Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art, and later became the curator of the Contemporary Art Museum of Odesa. She participated in the training program Curator’s Platform from PinchukArtCentre, graduated from the master's program "Curating the Contemporary Art" at Dragomanov NPU. She worked as a junior curator at the PinchukArtCentre. Currently she works at the State Agency of Ukraine for Arts and Art Education.

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