Her (ex)position
"Diffusion - Connection"

Київ | 01.06.2020-01.06.2021

Exhibition  by Christina Khmil

October 13 - November 3, 2020


Khrystyna Khmil was born in the village of Hvizd, Ivano-Frankivsk region, in 1992. In 2019 she graduated from the National Academy of Arts and Architecture, Faculty of Painting, Professor Mykola Storozhenko. Khrystyna Khmil works with graphics, VR-technologies and digital. Khrystyna takes an active part in group and personal projects. Among the landmark projects is participation in the exhibition “Habitat. Manifesto 2020” at the Lavra Art Gallery (Kyiv), Visual art exhibition “Who am I today” (Kyiv), Sansara: III Ukrainian Contemporary Women's Art Fest (Kyiv) and others. Khrystyna's works are in private collections in the USA, Germany, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Diffusion is the process of mutual penetration of molecules or atoms of one substance to molecules or atoms of another, which usually leads to the equalization of their concentrations in total volume.

The Diffusion-Communication project depicts the process of interaction between realities in direct contact with all people. Each new exchange has its own imprint that enriches and increases the boundaries of personality in all its manifestations, at the physical, molecular and informational levels. This experience can be both positive and negative. We need to understand that evolution happens to us whether we like it or not, and accompanies us throughout our lives, changing the personality for the better or worse. My research began in the spring of 2016, when I began to look for answers to questions that are often interesting to us. These issues were especially acute during the quarantine.

Who am I?

What am I?

Why me?

And who am I in reality?

The answers differed depending on the circumstances, time, society, or the so-called external factors.

Who am I as a woman?

Who am I as mom?

Who am I as a wife?

Who am I as a citizen?

Who am I as an artist?

And what unites all these roles?

What kind of skeleton remains unchanged, or almost unchanged – from birth to the end of life, and possibly after…

The graphic works depict powerful but abstract male silhouettes, in which a female figure is entwined, which is sometimes shown or lost against the background of his powerful figure. The viewer may not notice it right away, but over time he finds it. It's like finding the answer to the question we ask ourselves: "How is it to find yourself?"

In the VR Diffusion project, the viewer enters the virtual space wearing glasses, where he finds himself in the middle of a transparent square. He walks through a confusing maze with abstract silhouettes of people at different stages of their lives, in the center of which is a transparent cube (the essence, the truth). VR experience helps to be in the middle of the unknown, what we do not know about a person – its internal mechanisms, the interaction of conscious and subconscious. We can see how all this is changing under the influence of other systems. And this is fundamental. Everything that was before is always with you. One who thinks he knows life is still on the surface, on the outer edge of the square. Life, like many fruits of art, cannot be comprehended by the mind and described in words. But you can feel it.

We are transfused with society and our actions. In order to move forward, we need to accept ourselves as we are with all our baggage. After analyzing your life from childhood to the present, realize what you are and what society imposes on you. Why are you doing just that at the moment? Is this your decision? Feel, find, accept and live consciously! It is this opportunity that the artist Khrystyna Khmil opens to the visitor with the help of VR experience.

But the question remains open: “What kind of animal, plant are you ...? Where are you in all this? Who are you?"




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