The Cultural Forum “DONKULT” in Lviv
Theatre program

Lviv | 16.06.2015-30.06.2015

Theatre program began in Lviv Opera House from the new opera “Coriolanus“ on the play by William Shakespeare (premiere performances took place on November 29, 2014 in Kiev and was one of the main theatrical events of the season). Director and project leader Vlad Troitsky compares the events of Shakespeare’s tragedy with the events in Ukraine today. Experimental directorial and musical findings, innovative art tools and stage treatment combined with classic space structures.

The program reflected the current transformations taking place in Ukrainian society. The play “The fear in Ukraine”, which became today’s sketch of Ukraine “On Fire” created by Georg Genoux – German director, co-founder of the opposition experimental theater “Teatr.doc” (Moscow), which since 2014 worked a lot on Donbas.

One of the joint projects of the German playwright and Natalia Vorozhbyt was documentary performance “Mykolaivka“, where the children, pupils of 9 – 11 grades who survived the bombing of their town in Donetsk region, were the authors and performers of their frank, deep, talented monologues. During the Forum, director Georg Genoux and psychologist Olexiy Karachynskyi also worked with immigrants from the East, now living in Lviv. At the end of the Forum, their work was shown in the «workinprogress» format in the documentary play “Immigrant’s Theater”.

Other program events:

  • The play “Granary”
    by Andriy Prikhodko (Kyiv) – director
    Natalia Vorozhbyt (Kyiv) – playwright.
    The play was written in 2009 by order of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in the UK. In April 2014, Ukrainian premier was held in Lviv. The play is dedicated to one of the worst tragedies of the Ukrainian history – the Holodomor. Discussion after the performance “Past on Stage”: about the reflection on the complex history of the theater
  • The play “Dream” after the poem of T. Shevchenko.
    After the performance – the audience dialogue with the actors and Olexa Kravchuk, director of the Lugansk Academic Puppet Theater (Lviv) – director
  • Monoperformance “Ivanka’s Revelations” (sketches at the beginning of war).
    Analects from the book of Mary Matios “Mother of God Shoes” Chamber Theatre “Zhuky” (Donetsk)
    Evgeniy Chystokletov (Donetsk – Lviv) – director
    Olga Chystokletova (Donetsk – Lviv) – actor performance
  • Monoperformance «PERSONAL JESUS» criminal-parable stories by Sergei Zhadan works
    Chamber Theatre “Zhuky” (Donetsk)
    Evgeniy Chystokletov (Donetsk – Lviv) – actor, director


  • Natalka Vorozhbyt

    Natalka Vorozhbyt

    Playwright, screenwriter, curator. Winner of the Women In Arts 2020 Award . Co-founder of the Immigrant Theatre (together with German director Georg Zheno). Screenwriter (in particular) of the TV series "Catch Kaidash", "Cyborgs" and "Wild Field" films, director of "Bad Roads" film. Her staging was made in such theatres as Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre (Ukraine), Royal Court Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Theatre (Great Britain), Meyerhold Centre and Centre for Contemporary Drama and Directing (Moscow) and many others. Participant of international residences and festivals. Curator of the festival "Topical Play Week", playwright of the projects "Diaries of the Maidan", "Mykolayivka", cooperates with the volunteering organization "New Donbass" and others.