The Cultural Forum “DONKULT” in Lviv
Literary program

Lviv | 16.06.2015-30.06.2015

The program included literary meetings, musical and poetic performances, discussion-debates. Among the events – “ Futurists of Donbas’ Tour” – an evening of exciting stories about poets who in 1929 went into tour to Donbas. The results of their trip were presented by contemporary authors from Lviv, Donetsk, Makiyivka and Lugansk. Lviv residents were also pleased with the long-awaited meeting with Olena Stepova (Lugansk region.) – writer, human rights activist, popular blogger, whose posts are read by tens of thousands of users of social networks.

Other program events:

  • “Donetsk Baroque”. Literary meeting with Volodymyr Rafyeyenko (Donetsk),
    Moderator: Marianne Kiyanovska (Lviv)
  • Musical and poetic performance “Decomposition”
    Lyubov Yakymchuk (Lugansk) – poetry,
    Mark Tokar (Lviv) – bass
  • “MadeinDonbas“. Authors‘ talking who lived in Donbas for various reasons.
    Victor Neborak (Lviv), Ivan Andrusyak (Ivano-Frankivsk region), Boris Gumenyuk (Ternopil)
  • Synthetic artistic event “Preparation”
    Bogdan Sehin (Lviv) – music,
    Ostap Slyvynsky (Lviv) – text content, action
  • Meeting with writer Alexei Chupa (Makiyivka)
  • Literary meeting with Olena Styazhkina (Donetsk)
  • Ghetto: to survive can not die” literary tour to Donetsk in Lviv, Conducted by Oleg Solovey (Donetsk)


  • Lyubov Yakymchuk

    Lyubov Yakymchuk

    Poet, journalist, cultural trendsetter. Author of the books "Apricots of Donbass", "as FASHION" and others . Winner of the Kovalev American Foundation Award in the category "Poetry", New York (2017). Screenwriter of the film "The SLOVO House". Initiator and organizer of a number of cultural projects, including "Year of Semenko", "100 years of futurism. Repairing of Shevchenko”, “Metro to Kybynets”. She was the curator of the literary programs of our two forums: "DonCult" in Lviv and "GaliciaCult".