The Cultural Forum “DONKULT” in Lviv
Educational program

Lviv | 16.06.2015-30.06.2015


Charity foundation “The Depths of Arts” (Kyiv),
Centre for Urban History (Lviv).

With the support of:

“City Studio” – urban project,
the German Society for International Cooperation,
Municipal development and renewal of the old city of Lviv and Lviv City Council,
the NGO “East and West together”.

According to statistics, more than two thousand families moved from the occupied territories to Lviv. A large number of children and youth occured to be in a new city, in other circumstances and environment. This aspect is crucial, as concerns one of the most vulnerable categories – children and youth.

The purpose of the educational program “DONKULT” was in solving the problem of adaptation and understanding, offering young people the opportunities for development and implementation.

An educational program for children and teenagers was presented by project “Your / My stories”, centered around the theme of the city: urban stories and legends, looking for new ideas to create a comfortable and friendly urban environment. The main purpose of activities designed for different age groups of children was creating spaces where children and youth could in a funny way share personal experiences, telling stories of their cities.

Program events:

  • The little visitors of the Forum took part in the creation of animated social video “City in my hands”, the process consisted of four workshops and presentations of teamwork.
  • Historical school-workshop on ancient and modern history of the city – “Donbas history voice of children”– opened its door for teens who had recently moved to Lviv.
  • Parents, educators and teachers were invited to a “Meeting for coffee: how to talk to children about difficult topics” for joint discussion of ways and conversation formats with children and teenagers to “Non children” themes: war, conflict and trauma.

During the Forum, Kharkiv artist Roman Minin (a native of Donbas), who recently implements social projects in public space, worked with children on painting of the front wall of children’s library of the city. The authors and performers of the project were more than 20 children aged 8 – 12 years old of Donbas and Lviv.



  • Христина Бойко

    Христина Бойко

    Координатор освітніх програм Центру міської історії. Розвиває різні формати освітніх проектів, такі як супровідні програми до виставок, міські ігри, кінопокази, сімейні неділі, заняття для дітей, учнів різного віку та студентів на базі візуальних матеріалів, виставкових і дослідницьких проектів Центру міської історії.