The Cultural Forum “DONKULT” in Lviv
Cinema program

Lviv | 16.06.2015-30.06.2015

The program consisted of discussions and watching films about Donbas and industrial regions’ problems from the 1920s till now. It presented the works of filmmakers from East Region – Vadim Ilkov, Alexander Ratij, Petro Armyanovskyi, Anton Bukhalo, Jaroslav Vasyutkevych.

Among the foreign films, it can be noted documentary “Miner’s Day” (2013) by French director Gael Mocaer (screening was supported by International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights «Docudays UA»). As well as the documentary “Restructuring bottom” (1989) and directors Daniel J. Valkovits and Barbara Abrash (USA) about workers’ mobilization and strikes in the late 1980s, the role of miners’ movement in the modern history of Ukraine, hopes and disappointments of Donbas miners. After the show there was a conversation with Professor Daniel J. Valkovits “Labour story told by Donbas miners“.

Other program events:

  • Documentary film “Eleventh”, 1928.
    Directed by Dziga Vertov (USSR).
    Introduction: Stanislav Menzelevskyi (Kyiv) – culturologist, head of scientific research department at the Dovzhenko National Center, translator.
  • Documentary film “The Waltz of Alchevsk“, 2014.
    Directed by Vadim Ilkov (Donetsk)
  • “The Return” discussion with the director, 2011 – 2012. Director Alexander Ratij (Alchevsk – Kyiv) Discussion with the director.
  • Documentary film “Volodya“, 2014.
    Directed by Petro Armyanovskyi (Donetsk)
  • “In the East” (Kramatorsk), 2015.
    Directed by Petro Armyanovskyi Discussion with the director
  • Documentary film “Out of the Game”, Donetsk, 2013.
    Directed by Cristian Plan (Germany)
  • “Meat Plant”, 2013.
    Directed by Petro Armyanovskyi (Donetsk) Guest of the show – Petro Armyanovskyi
  • Documentary film “Enthusiasm. Symphony of Donbas “, 1930.
    Directed by Dziga Vertov (USSR). Dmytriy Shostakovich’s Symphony No1 is used when scoring of the film. “Industrial Donbas” debate.
  • Evening of short films from Donbas.
    Show guests – directors Jaroslav Vasyutkevych, Voffka Solovey.
  • Film “Lessons of Ukrainian”, 2013. Director Ruslan Batytskyy (Kyiv),
    Documentary film “Ballet Hurts”, 2014. Directed by Anton Bukhalo (Donetsk),
  • Film “Steps are not Canceled”, 2013. Directed by Jaroslav Vasyutkevych (Donetsk),
  • film” Mine”, 2014. Directed by Voffka Solovey (Volodymyr Solovyov).
    Discussion after watching.
  • Film “Undefeated”, 1945. Directed by Mark Donskoy (USSR). Discussion after watching




  • Денис Ковалевський (Львів)

    Денис Ковалевський (Львів)

    Активіст з міста Краснодону, Луганської обл. Живе та працює у Львові. Зацікавлений у розвитку кіноіндустрії. Організатор легальних кінопоказів в райцентрах Львівщини.

  • Maria Voronchuk

    Maria Voronchuk

    Public activist. Director. Until 2014, she worked in Donetsk in a public organization and various cultural projects. She took an active part in organizing events in the field of cinema. Co-organizer of the First Night Film Festival of Children's and Youth Cinema "May 32". Organizer of the traveling documentary film festival on human rights "Docudays UA" in Donetsk in 2013. Moderator of the Docudays UA documentary film club in Lviv. She worked with us as a curator of DonCult's entertainment programs in Lviv and GalitsiaCult in Kharkiv.

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