The Cultural Forum “DONKULT” in Lviv
Lecture-discussion program

Lviv | 16.06.2015-30.06.2015

The program joined several formats:

  • public lectures looked at Donbas of XIX – XX centuries from the perspective of workers, urban history and transformations of border areas;
  • discussions and roundtables attracted experts from different fields and countries to discuss topical issues and current challenges, rethinking what is this region, its past, heritage and the current situation;
    the meetings invited to converse historians and sociologists for whom Donbas became subject of years of research and contemporary reflections.
  • Keynote lecture was held on the opening day of the Forum session in the Great Hall of the Lviv City Council – the famous American professor, Donbas researcher Hiroaki Kuromiya spoke about the historical ways of Eastern Ukraine and ways of analyzing the current situation in the region.

Among the lecturers and experts were:

  • Daniel J. Valkovits (USA)
  • Jean-Louis de Laet (Belgium)
  • Marta Studenna-Skrukwa (Poland)
  • Dagmar Kift (Germany)
  • Tatiana Zhurzhenko (Austria)
  • Serhy Yekelchyk (Canada)
  • Vladimir Kulikov (Kharkiv)
  • Elena Styazhkina (Donetsk)
  • Stanislav Fedorchuk (Donetsk)
  • Nani Hohohiya (Luhansk)
  • Xenia Pantyuk (Donetsk).

The program also held:

  • screenings of documentary chronicles about industrial cities of Ukraine,
  • street historical exhibition near the Lviv City Hall “Work, Depletion and Success. Cities-Corporations in Donbas “
  • theatrical performance “Granary” and its discussion in a historical perspective.


  • Iryna Matsevko

    Iryna Matsevko

    Historian, specialist in public history programs. At the time of the forum – Deputy Director of the Centre of Urban History in Lviv and project manager of public history, academic and scholarship programs, coordinator of public projects of the Centre. Now she is an independent curator of historical and cultural projects and lives in Kharkiv. She works, in particular, with the projects "The Fifth Kharkiv" (curator of the program) and "Kharkiv School of Photography: from Soviet censorship to new aesthetics" (coordinator of research authors’ works).