The Cultural Forum “SlobodaCult”

Uzhhorod, Mukachevo | 15.05.2018-21.05.2018

Since the emergence of cinema, documentary has been the main way for Kharkiv directors to show those aspects of life that could go unnoticed or disappear from memory without their camera. In September 1896, Alfred Fedetsky shot several chronicles in Kharkiv. And already in December - almost a year with the first public film screening in Paris - Alfred Fedetsky arranged a film screening at the Kharkiv Opera House. Discovering the mysteries of life through cinema, researching, capturing fragments of history  that became the basis of creative work of Kharkiv directors. Life chronicles, names and events that are important for Kharkiv, for art, for history, for the memory of whole Ukraine were presented in the film program of SlobodaCult forum.



  • Оксана Коклонська

    Оксана Коклонська

    (Харків): режисерка, кураторка, арт-директорка. Засновниця Academy of Visual Arts Kharkov.

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