The Cultural Forum “SlobodaCult”
Literature, lectures, discussion

Uzhhorod, Mukachevo | 15.05.2018-21.05.2018

The literary program of the SlobodaCult sociocultural forum did not tell the history of Sloboda Ukraine literature – although it did include events dedicated to certain bright periods and iconic figures, such as one-day’ event of SkovorodaFest or a lecture on artistic Kharkiv in the 1920s. The program was mostly about conversations on "burning" topics for both regions – provincialism, multiculturalism, common cultural memory.

The exchange of experience in the formats of modern literary readings was simply cool: "Readings on a ladder" from Kharkiv and "Round sound" from Uzhhorod. Both brought a special creative atmosphere of involvement into living literature, which was created right in front of you.

Contemporary Sloboda Ukraine literature, humanities and journalism were represented by: Serhiy Zhadan, Yevhen Polozhiy, Zurab Alasania, Yuriy Tsaplin, Andriy Krasnyashchykh, Olga Bondar, Oleg Kotsarev, Yaryna Tsymbal, Tetyana Teren, Olena Rybka, Ivanna Skyba-Yakubova, Kateryna Kublytska. Contemporary authors, journalists, scientists, and public activists of Zakarapattia communicated with them, discussed, and read their works: Bandy Sholtes, Andriy Lyubka, Tetyana Smriha, Petro Midyanka, Halyna Tanay, Lina Degtyaryova, Tetyana Literati, Mykhailo Markovych. 

Conceptually, the program was built around the idea of ​​finding the "Fifth Kharkiv", formulated in the last century by the linguist and critic Yuri Shevelyov. According to the curators, when telling about themselves, Kharkiv residents could better understand what kind of Kharkiv they want to build. Many of the forum's results were used as a basis for lecture-discussion project, which is called the Fifth Kharkiv .


  • Тетяна Пилипчук

    Тетяна Пилипчук

    Заступниця директорки Харківського ЛітМузею, кураторка музейних виставок, авторка або співменеджерка соціокультурних проєктів, серед яких Харківська Літературна резиденція, «П’ятий Харків», «Книжкова клюмба» в ЛітМузеї», розважально-освітній центр для дітей «Книга» та ін.

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