The Cultural Forum “SlobodaCult”

Uzhhorod, Mukachevo | 15.05.2018-21.05.2018

The SlobodaCult forum is made by inspired and somewhat romantic people, but not naive. It is unlikely that we will radically change the worldview of adult participants. Instead, working with children, we have a chance to pour a few buckets of cement into the foundation, which will not allow this country to fall apart. We desperately need a system of education – from primary to higher – in the field of culture and arts, which will teach critical thinking and lay the foundations of emotional intelligence. These principles are laid down in the children's program SlobodaCult

The children's program took place at the intersection with other programs. Thus, important parts of it, which provoked a lot of discussion and stimulated the desire to find the latest formats of work with children and adolescents, were, in particular: the exhibition of Aza Nizi Maza studio in Mihai Munkachi Mukachevo Art School and theatrical project of Yulita Ran and Yaroslav Podshyvailo that created a play together with teenagers that spoke their own language about their own problems.

Kharkiv theatre director and inclusion specialist Yana Zelenska shared inclusive practices with families with disabled children. She also offered her version of how to create a play that will teach children to love theatre from the age of two.

One of the most popular attractions of the program and the forum in general was the bright one-day’ Skovorodafest festival: intellectual games for children from Kharkiv LitMuseum, performances by authentic folk groups, lectures for parents and a tavern with traditional dishes, where children had fun with adults.


  • Ірина Магдиш

    Ірина Магдиш

    Незалежна кураторка, експертка зі стратегування у сфері культури. За покликанням – деконструкторка архаїчних уявлень і практик у сфері культурного менеджменту. Офіційно, в період форуму, – радниця до справ культури міського голови міста Винники.

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