The Cultural Forum “Transcending Borders: GaliciaKult”

Kharkiv | 01.10.2016-31.10.2016

In addition to the famous literary phenomena of Galicia, the literary program also covered lesser-known, underground, seemingly unrelated to literature phenomena. But if we think that literature functions not only in the form of printed texts, but also as an oral genre – in the form of stories about culture that are spread orally, such as urban legends and adventures, then everything fits into the place. Thus, the literary program combined written and oral stories about Galicia – if we talk about form. What concerns the content, a series of popular lectures covered the brightest literary and historical phenomena of Galicia, both Ukrainian and foreign on the one hand, while a series of artistic events – like presentations and performances – represented contemporary literature. This was about not only urban Galicia, but also about rural and mountainous. Some perceived this program as too serious, while others as too frivolous. That is exactly what was planned.



  • Lyubov Yakymchuk

    Lyubov Yakymchuk

    Poet, journalist, cultural trendsetter. Author of the books "Apricots of Donbass", "as FASHION" and others . Winner of the Kovalev American Foundation Award in the category "Poetry", New York (2017). Screenwriter of the film "The SLOVO House". Initiator and organizer of a number of cultural projects, including "Year of Semenko", "100 years of futurism. Repairing of Shevchenko”, “Metro to Kybynets”. She was the curator of the literary programs of our two forums: "DonCult" in Lviv and "GaliciaCult".

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