The Cultural Forum “Transcending Borders: GaliciaKult”
Music and theatre program

Kharkiv | 01.10.2016-31.10.2016

As with most of our programs, there was a lot of interactions and collaborations.

For example, works by Galician composers of different times and different origins were performed by Kharkiv Youth Academic Symphony Orchestra Slobozhansky and Kharkiv Guitar Quartet. The play "My grandfather dug. My father dug. But I will not", created within the Polish-Ukrainian project "Fear Maps. Identity Maps” was staffed by a team from Kharkiv, Warsaw, Lviv, Odesa and Kyiv. Immigrant Theatre with the documentary play "Where is the East? Where is the West?” not only united people from different cities, but also openly showed the perception of each other from different sides: from East to West and vice versa.

In this program, we used various non-standard sites. Thus, Lviv ethno-rock band GYCH Orchestra played right on the steps of the Kharkiv Opera House, and the already mentioned Slobozhansky YASO played in the building of the old circus, for the preservation of which the Kharkiv community has been fighting for many years. Performances took place both in various theatres and in the independent creative space DK ART AREA.

Together with curators, we tried to give our visitors both intellectual relaxation and talk on topics that bother us here and now: relations between regions and between people, nation-building, the fate of those who were forced to move to other cities, eventually – aging, alienation, fear. About our worries in the East or in the West – no matter who we are.



  • Lyubov Morozova

    Lyubov Morozova

    Musicologist, music critic and columnist. Spokeswoman of the "Youth Music" Forum and Kyiv International Master Classes of New Music COURSE. Curator of the Music Program of the Book Arsenal and the Bouquet Kyiv Stage Festival. Art director of Kyiv Symphony Orchestra. Developer and lecturer of a number of courses on new music and avant-garde of the 1920s in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Author of about a thousand articles on classic and modern music in domestic and foreign periodicals. She writes for the LB.UA portal, The Day newspaper, FOCUS magazine and many other media. She conducts an author's course of lectures devoted to "new music", which she considers her specialization.

  • Natalka Vorozhbyt

    Natalka Vorozhbyt

    Playwright, screenwriter, curator. Winner of the Women In Arts 2020 Award . Co-founder of the Immigrant Theatre (together with German director Georg Zheno). Screenwriter (in particular) of the TV series "Catch Kaidash", "Cyborgs" and "Wild Field" films, director of "Bad Roads" film. Her staging was made in such theatres as Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre (Ukraine), Royal Court Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Theatre (Great Britain), Meyerhold Centre and Centre for Contemporary Drama and Directing (Moscow) and many others. Participant of international residences and festivals. Curator of the festival "Topical Play Week", playwright of the projects "Diaries of the Maidan", "Mykolayivka", cooperates with the volunteering organization "New Donbass" and others.

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