The Cultural Forum “Transcending Borders: GaliciaKult”

Kharkiv | 01.10.2016-31.10.2016

Residence 1. Architectural and Social residence «Public Space ”The Word” House»: creare vita (for architects, sociologists, culturologists, historians, urbanists)

Number of participants  –  8 people (4 from Lviv + 4 from Kharkiv): 4 architects, 2 culturologists, 1 sociologist, 1 historian

Architectural bureau of Oleg Drozdov, Kharkiv – http://drozdov-partners.com/html/
NGO “Urban Ideas”, Lviv

Mentors and events:
Lecture and discussion by Sergiy Parkhomenko (Russia)
Skype lecture and discussion by Joanna Lisek (Poland)
Workshop by Oleg Drozdov (Kharkiv)
Lecture and discussion by Lyubov Yakymchuk (Kyiv)
Lecture and discussion by Natalya Otrishchenko (Lviv)

The results of the residence were presented on October 8 as part of the Lecture-discussion program of the Forum «Transcending borders: GaliciaKult»

Residence 2. Residence «Master Class. Pavlo Makov and Graphic Artists»

Number of participants – 12 people: 7 from Galicia, 5 from Kharkiv


Pavlo Makov (Kharkiv), outstanding Ukrainian graphic artist, member of the Royal Society of British Artists and Illustrators, member of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts

The result of the residence – an exhibition of easel graphic works and art-books was presented at the Forum «Transcending borders: GaliciaKult» at VovaTanya Gallery on October 4- 18, 2016 as part of the Visual program

Residence 3. Art residence of Galician artists «Circle of Communication» inYermilovCentre

Co-organizer: Contemporary Art Centre YermilovCentre

Kharkiv National University V. Karazin
Lviv Regional Council

Number of participants – 11 people: 4 from Galicia, 6 from Kharkiv, 1 from the UK

The result of the residence was an exhibition-research of the general / the specific, the constructive / the deconstructive, the creative / the common. The exhibition took place in the Contemporary Art Centre YermilovCentre from August 23 to September 16, 2016.

Residence 4.Residence for young filmmakers of Galicia and KharkivRegions

International short-film festival Wizz-Art, Lviv – http://wiz-art.ua/
Academy of Visual Arts (АVA), Kharkiv – https://www.facebook.com/AcademyVisualArts/?fref=nf
National Technical University “KharkivPolitechnic Institute”  – http://www.kpi.kharkov.ua/en

Number of participants  – 9 people (4 from Galicia and 5 from Kharkiv)


Ostap Kostyuk (Lviv). Director, actor, musician. The author of the film «Zhyva Vatra» (“The Living Fire”) awarded by prizes at the Ukrainian and international film festivals in 2015-2016

Lyubov Durakova (Kharkiv). Director, participant, and nominee of the international film festivals

The subject of residence: “Me among strangers, a stranger among us – borders, the search for similarities between regions”.

The results of the residence, 6 documentary short films were presented on October 15 as part of the Cinema program of the Forum «Transcending borders: GaliciaKult»

Residence 5. Residence for muralists «TurboArt»

Number of participants – 15 people: 5 from Galicia, 10 from Kharkiv


Kharkiv State Academy of Fine Arts and Design http://www.ksada.org/


Dariya Khrysanfova. Head of the Department of Visual Practices of Kharkiv Academy of Design

The result of the residence – Murals on the walls of the «Turboatom» plant

Residence 6. Animation residence «Wonderland»

Number of participants – 9 children at the age 10-14. The selection was conducted by Kharkiv Regional Children’s Library

Kharkiv Regional Children’s Library http://bibl.kharkiv.ua/
Kharkiv Regional Council
Lviv Regional Council

Roman Dzvonkovskyj (Ivano-Frankivsk), animator, video designer
Olena Betts (Lviv), assistant

The result of the residence was presented on October 15 as part of the Cinema program of the Forum «Transcending borders: GaliciaKult»


Video of the project(9)