The First Cultural Exchanges Program
Participants of this program

Ужгород, Харків | 24.05.2017-08.09.2017


Natalia Ivanova - Director of the Contemporary Art Centre "Yermilov Centre» , manager of over 50 projects of the Center.

Olena Kasperovych – curator, art manager of the Contemporary Art Centre "Yermilov Centre»

Anastasia Leonova – curator, cultural manager, publisher, co-founder of IST Publishing, head of the COME IN contemporary art gallery 

Ivanna Skyba-Yakubova – public figure, cultural project manager, co-founder and managing partner of the Bagels & Letters  PR agency 

Oksana Koklonska – curator, director, art director, manager of cultural projects, co-organizer of the art and educational festival "Frontier – VR Art Festival" and art and educational project for children "Game Room", founder of the Academy of Visual Arts Kharkov 

Tetyana Pylypchuk – philologist, literary critic, organizer of numerous museum and socio-cultural projects, curator of literature program at "SlobodyCult", deputy director of Kharkiv Literary Museum 

Svitlana Oleshko – producer of international social, artistic and educational projects ("Theatre in Prison", "Theatrical Lecture Centre"), curator of the course "Theatre Director" at the Kharkiv Academy of Visual Arts (2019), author of several documentaries. Founder and director of the Kharkiv Arabesque Theatre.

Misko Barbara – singer, actor, radio journalist, translator, former frontman of the band "Mertvyi Piven" and author of the musical project of Aphrodite Radio. Kharkiv Arabesque Theatre



Mykhailo Markovych – journalist, Literary Assembly of Artists "Rotonda" 

Halyna Tanay – journalist, cultural project manager, coordinator of the "Rider" project, co-founder of the educational platform Nomen 

Valentyn Kuzan – photographer, co-founder of the educational platform Nomen, member of the Gate Agency 

Lina Degtyaryova – artist, urban planner, researcher of architecture, co-founder of the NGO Uzhhorod Modernism 

Andriy (Bandy) Sholtes – writer, activist, participant of the literary program of the SlobodaCult Forum (2018).

Natalia Shimon – philologist, translator. Participant of the project "Lviv – a city of UNESCO literature". 

Olexa Mann – artist, essayist, art curator, art director, illustrator, blogger, co-founder of the countercultural art group "Bacteria".

Natalia Tarnay – artist, co-founder of the Cultural and Artistic Foundation "Pora bulo!"

Anton Ryzhykh – director, co-founder of the Cultural and Artistic Foundation "Pora bulo!"

Denys Sobol – volunteer, public activist, head of the NGO "Youth Initiatives of Zakarpattia". 

Yevhen Tyschuk – director, actor, playwright, teacher, chief director of the Mukachevo Drama Theatre 



Natalia Kosmolinska – art critic, editor of art programs of Lviv Radio, curator of the visual program of the GaliciaCult Forum, Cultural and Art Centre "Palace of Arts" 

Iryna Magdysz – curator of the program of art residencies of the GaliciaCult Forum, Department of Culture of Vynnyky (Lviv region) 



Oksana Barshynova – art critic, curator, deputy general director for exhibition and exposition work of the National Art Museum of Ukraine. Curator of all visual programs of DofaFund forums (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018).

Lyubov Yakymchuk – poet, journalist, translator, cultural director, curator of the literary program of the DonCult and GaliciaCult forums, and the founder of the Metro to Kybynets festival.

Lyubov Morozova – musicologist, music critic and columnist, TV and radio presenter, curator of the music program of the DonCult and GaliciaCult forums, music critic, public figure, blogger 

Olha Sahaidak and Yulia Grubrina – founders of DofaFund, managers and coordinators of forums projects of DofaFund (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018) and cultural exchange programs (2017.2019).



Iryna Vikyrchak – expert, consultant of cultural projects, former head of Creative Europe bureau


As a result of the work, the curatorial team of the SlobodaCult Forum included:

Visual program: Oksana Barshynova, Dmytro Golets – in collaboration with Tetyana Tumasyan and Natalia Ivanova. Separate exhibitions – Anastasia Leonova, Borys Filonenko.

Cinema program: Oksana Sykhareva (Koklonska).

Literary and discussion: Tetyana Pylypchuk.

Children's program: Iryna Magdysz.

Fashion program: Zoya Zvinyatskovska.

Theatre and music program: Svitlana Oleshko, Misko Barbara.

SkovorodaFest: Tatyana Pylypchuk, Iryna Magdysz