The Second Cultural Exchanges Program
The third meeting, Odesa, November 18-19, 2019.

Odesa | 17.09.2019-19.11.2019

We already know from previous experience that public presentations help not only to create the expectations of the audience, but also to find new partners and strengthen relations with local governments. We presented the working version of the forum program (about 100 events at 20 locations) and identity during a press conference at the Odessit.ua press centre. 


It is important that the culture departments of the Regional State Administrations of Zakarpattia and Odesa Region also agreed to cooperate and support the forum.

The distributed information about the project was covered in more than 60 publications in electronic and social media, 23 TV and radio broadcasts took place in both regions.


In the last meeting, curatorial groups were finally formed in the following areas:

Visual art. Program curator – Oksana Barshynova (Kyiv); curator of the exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of Odessa – Kateryna Tykhonenko (Uzhhorod, Kyiv); curator of the exhibition at the Odessa Art Museum – Dmytro Golets (Kyiv), co-curator – Robert Dovhanych (Uzhhorod); curator of individual projects – Maxim Finogeev (Odesa).      

Volunteer program. Curator – Iryna Gladka (Odesa), co-curator - Anzhelika Maistrenko (Odesa).  

Gastronomic program. Curator - Vladyslav Tovtyn (Uzhhorod), co-curators – Yulia Sushchenko and Tetyana Dymnych (Odesa).  

Children's program. Curator – Lyudmila Livak (Uzhhorod), co-curator - Victoria Proskurnya (Odesa).   

Film programs. Curator – Eugene Dvorsky (Odesa), co-curators - Vyachesl Egorov (Uzhhorod) and Anna Vashchenko (Odesa).  

Lecture and discussion program. Curator – Iryna Magdysz (Lviv), co-curators - Alexander Babich and Oksana Dovgopolova (Odesa).   

Literary program. Curator – Natalia Shimon (Uzhhorod), co-curators – Olena Boryshpolets and Andriy Hayetsky (Odesa).  

Fashion program. Curator - Zoya Zvinyatskivska (Kyiv). 

Music program. Curator – Valeria Vinogradova (Odessa), co-curators – Alexander Kapuka and Julia Kravchenko (Odesa).   

Theatrical program. Curators – Vasyl Snitar (Khust) and Myroslav Petiy (Uzhhorod), co-curators - Anatoliy Barna (Khust) and Nina Malyshka (Uzhhorod).  

Urban program. Curator – Lina Degtyaryova (Uzhhorod), co-curator - Oleg Olashyn (Uzhhorod).  


Partners-institutions that plan to join the interregional cultural forum "TransCarpathyCult":

From Zakarpattia:

  • Transcarpathian Regional State Administration,
  • Transcarpathian Philharmonic,
  • Transcarpathian Art Museum,
  • Museum of Folk Architecture and Local Lore,
  • Transcarpathian Music and Drama Theater in Khust,
  • Bavka Puppet Theater,
  • Transcarpathian Institute of Culture and Arts,
  • Regional library,
  • Kublo Art Centre
  • NGO "Uzhgorod Modernism",
  • NGO "Happy Children",
  • NGO "Center for Cultural Initiatives",
  • Transcarpathian Film Commission,
  • Plast of Zakarpattia,
  • Ilko Gallery
  • Residence "Sorry, no rooms available",
  • Sculpture symposium "Three Ivans" in Perechyn,
  • Commune " Longo Maї" (Nyzhne Selyshche),
  • International Children's Theatre Festival “Ptakh” (Nyzhne Selyshche),
  • Corridor Gallery. 


From Odesa:

  • Odessa Regional State Administration,
  • M. Hrushevsky Regional Library,
  • M.Gorky Odesa National Scientific Library,
  • Odesa Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre,
  • Odesa Puppet Theatre, 
  • TEO Independent Theatre,
  • Odesa Art Museum,
  • Contemporary Art Museum of Odessa,
  • Municipal Museum of O.Bleschunov Personal Collections,
  • Odesa Food Academy,
  • Odesa Photo Days Festival ,
  • French Boulevard Charitable Foundation
  • Ukrainian Volunteer Service, 
  • NGO "Cultrometer",
  • Odesa National Polytechnic University,
  • Creative cluster "Prostir",
  • NGO "Kultprosvit",
  • NGO "Society and Historical Heritage",
  • University of the Third Age,
  • Odesa Children's Choreographic School,
  • The first Ukrainian school of theatre and cinema.