The Second Cultural Exchanges Program
The first meeting, September 17 - 21, 2019. September 17, Odesa

Odesa | 17.09.2019-19.11.2019

In the M.Hrushevskyy Regional Scientific Library, we publicly presented the concept of socio-cultural forums, and introduced new and old team of the project: curators of previous forums programs, participants from Uzhhorod and their Odesa colleagues. The opening was attended by over 80 residents of Odesa, some of them continued to work with us throughout the program.

September 18, Odesa

Curators of the previous forum Oksana Barshynova and Dmytro Golets (visual program), Zoya Zvyniatskivska (fashion program), Tetyana Pylypchuk (literary program), Iryna Magdysz (children's educational program) told about their own experience in forming programs. Participants of these programs presented cultural maps of Zakarpattia and Odesa regions introduced each other to cultural initiatives and institutions of their own cities and their experience. During the interactive session (creating a "collage stereotypes") explored the idea of how representatives of both regions perceive each other, topical issues and local features.

September 19, Odesa

We walked around the city with Aleksander Babich – a historian, city guide, founder of the local history project "Tudoi-Sudoi". We learned the history and legends of Odesa, and at the same time revealed its modern cultural context. Among the cultural and artistic institutions and exciting locations that we visited at the invitation of colleagues was Odessa Modern Art Museumcreative cluster “Prostir”, "CultProsvit” NGO, First Ukrainian School of Theatre and Cinema, Odesa Art Museum, "TEO" theatrical space, School of Neighbourhood Culture, Green Theatre, Odesa Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre, Odesa Puppet Theatre, Odesa National Academy of Food Technologies.

September 20, Besarabia

The fourth day was dedicated to the study of the cultural landscape and artistic initiatives of the region. Traveling through Besarabia, we visited Kuyalnyk – an extremely interesting natural object, with the oldest resort complex in Ukraine and exceptional architecture of the late nineteenth century. It is also a place of attraction for cultural initiatives and creative forces, opener of festivals, art actions and land art events. 

In Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi we visited one of the most impressive medieval buildings in Ukraine – the Akkerman Fortress, where we met with the organizers of the International Plein Air "At Sea". 

In Shabo we were received by a local artist, curator and activist Liliya Klimova, together we visited the Shabo National Museum of History and Local Lore, and the local art residence.

September 21, Odesa

The last day of the meeting was held in the format of brainstorming. Participants were divided into curatorial groups by areas and began work on the concept and programs of the forum. They discussed the draft of each program, the local specifics and relevance of topics, ideas and formats of their presentation, looked for opportunities for cross-sectoral events. In fact, the first drafts of the programs of the future forum – visual, literary, musical, theatrical, children's and gastronomic - were the result of this work.