The Second Cultural Exchanges Program
Second meeting, October 21-25, 2019  October 21, Uzhhorod

Odesa | 17.09.2019-19.11.2019

On the first day we refreshed the memory and presented the results of our trip to Odesa and the first draft programs to local partners (20 representatives cultural institutions and artists of Zakarpattia). Uzhhorod colleagues talked about their local initiatives and local mentality.


October 22, Uzhhorod

We had a busy walk around the city: historian and local ethnographer Vladyslav Tovtyn led the guests on routes that help to immerse into the historical and cultural context of Uzhhorod and Zakarpattia; Lina Degtyaryova, a researcher of modernist architecture and co-founder of the Uzhhorod Modernism initiative, revealed the unique architectural heritage of Uzhhorod to her colleagues in Odesa by showing a model of modernist architecture – the government-residential district of Maly Galagov.  

Then we continued to learn important local institutions. Among them: an informal art gallery "Corridor", Art Centre "ILKO Gallery", Transcarpathian Academy of Arts, the first Internet radio in Zakarpattia "Yeden", Art Center "Kublo", Museum of Folk Architecture and Local Lore, Transcarpathian Institute of Culture and Arts, contemporary art residence "Sorry, no rooms available".


October 23, Uzhhorod-Mukachevo-Nyzhne Selyshche

On the third day, we went on a journey through Zakarpattia. We saw one of the oldest architectural monuments of Ukraine and important piece of European heritage – Horyanska Rotunda of the XII century. We visited Mukachevo with its relaxed atmosphere and one of the oldest fortresses in Ukraine – the Palanok Castle.

In Nyzhne Selyshche, we visited the first Ukrainian craft cheese factory, Selyska Syrovarnia, which is an example of a socially responsible business that invests into community development and local culture. 

Inna Pryhara, activist, founder of the project "Traditional cheese of Khust region" spoke about the experience of storage and development of small-scale agriculture in the mountains, support for small producers and local family production.

 Also, in the "Green Manor House-Museum", which opened the world of folk arts and crafts to Odesa guests we met with Tetiana Bilousova, a member of the international cooperative "Longo Maї", which plays an important role in rural life: it produces organic food, organizes leisure for tourists from Europe and maintain the guest house "Shargo Rigo" in the centre of the Nyzhne Selysche Village. The profits are used to fund socio-cultural projects such as the Chiga-Biga children's theatre studio, the “Ptah” international theatre festival, and lectures and trainings for vulnerable groups, such as IDPs from Donbas and those seeking political asylum.

October 24, Uzhhorod

During the day, teams from two regions worked on draft programs for the upcoming forum. Finally the curatorial tandems or trios were formed of representatives of both regions, and main topics of programs and co-production ideas of Odesa and Zakarpattia were clarified. The identity of the forum was presented and discussed in a separate session.

October 25, Uzhhorod

During the day, brainstorming session continued, concepts were improved, logistics was resolved and locations were determined. The identity of the forum was approved and after long discussions the name "TransCarpathiaCult" was approved. The work ended with a presentation of programs and PR-strategy.